We suggest you to bring:
◊ 1 large soft sided (if possible) bag/suitcase (expanded modular backpack or hold all/rolling bag of small to medium size) approx.80-100l.
◊ 1 daypack, approx. 10-20l: for drinking bottle of water, camera etc
◊ Passport (with photocopies)
◊ Travel insurance (with photocopies)
◊ Airline tickets
◊ Cash of USD (if USD please bring units printed after 2003, i.e. with the larger face image and clean, no markings or tears, especially for larger denomination bills). Please refer to the following website for daily exchange rates: www.xe.com  (small units like below USD50 would be exchanged at low rate usually)
There are many ATM machines that accept both Visa and Master cards but these are limited to major cities.
◊ Credit/debit card
◊ Hand sanitizing lotion
◊ Flashlight (and spare batteries) 
◊ Money belt
◊ Moisturizer and lip balm
◊ Camera (with spare batteries)
◊ Binocular
◊ First-aid kit (should contain Aspirin, Band Aids, anti-histamine, Imodium or similar tablets for mild cases of diarrhea, re-hydration powder, extra prescription drugs you may be taking)
◊ Presents from home like photos, stickers, postcards, children’s books, souvenir pins
◊ Wide brimmed sun hat, sun/wind glasses
◊ Proper travel shoes
◊ Trousers, shorts & under pants (app. 2-3) 
◊ Wind/water proof jacket (Goretex 1 warm, comfortable clothes for the night)   
◊ Good warm socks (app. 3)
Please note that the temperatures can become chilly at night. Temperature fluctuates around + 10 to + 15 degree Celsius at night and + 25 to + 32 degree Celsius during the day time depending on location.