Tour to Mongolia - the highlight of this trip is that you will be exploring central Mongolia and that gives pleasant relaxation of a hot spring bath at Tsenkher resort where the water comes out from the far deep part of the ground and its water is not mixed with soil waters because it is hot. Also, the spring is kept under high pressure under the ground flow rate is high, 10 liters per second. The water has high mineral content and contains everything from simple calcium and sodium to sulphuric.
The Ogii is one of the biggest lakes in Mongolia and is located in Arkhangai province. It has a 25.7 km squire area, an average depth is 6.64m, in some sections 15.3 m and a coastal length is 24.7 km. It is a quite stunning place for bird watching, fishing, and swimming. There are 150 sorts of extremely rare and rare species of birds of passage that come to settle down on "Ogii" lake.
The monastery was built in 1654 by Saint Zanabazar who was a great sculptor and one of the biggest representatives of Buddhism in Mongolia. The creation work temple dedicated to religious study and artworks became the foundation of today's Tuvkhun Monastery. It is located on a rocky mountain hill surrounded by forests elevated at 2300 meters above sea level.


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