Travel to Mongolia - is one of the last best places on earth. It is one of the few places left where you can see what the world used to look like—vast plains, hills, and peaks that march, unobstructed, to rugged, snow-capped mountains that fill the far horizon.

At first, it might look empty, but it doesn’t take long to spot the kites, eagles, and vultures soaring in the bright blue sky surveying their territories below. Then, as you drop your gaze to the ridge tops and mountain slopes, you may be rewarded with the sight of argali sheep or ibex that spend their lives in these wild and rugged places.
Keep looking. With a lot of luck, you may see a snow leopard, king of the mountains. Even if you don’t see the big cat, it may see you, as it remains hidden amongst the rocks and shadows, superbly camouflaged, waiting for night and the chance to hunt again.
Across the plains, you may see a few scattered dwellings of the tough and wily herding families that make their living in these beautiful but difficult places. Like the wildlife, the local people have had to adapt to the land and to the rhythm of the seasons to survive and thrive here. Two to four times a year, each family will pack up all their belongings, take down their felt-walled gers, and move their herds to fresh pastures and new opportunities.
If you get a chance, do stop by to say hello (but watch out for the dogs!). You’ll be charmed by the hospitality, and impressed by these self-reliant, proud, and independent people. And look closely at the smiling faces that have been sculpted by sun and wind and storm. In them, you might see a flash of the same spirit that animated the face of that most famous Mongolian of all, Chinggis Khaan.


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